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Year 2

During the summer term the children will begin their topic called Our World. They will be reading Dear Greenpeace, 4 feet 2 sandals which links with PHSE. We will be holding our annual jumble sale where the children will learn about the importance of charities etc.  As explorers, will be combining history and geography by investigating explorers who have travelled by, land, sea and air. As scientists, we will be delving into different habitats and comparing habitats in different climates. In DT, the children will be tasting fruit and vegetables. They will develop the skills of peeling, chopping and grating with an end result of preparing a healthy salad and will be extending their skills by making a promotional advert for their chosen fruits. Our R.E. learning will take us to a local Mosque where the children will examine the features of this place of worship and then create their own mini-mosque. It looks set to be an exciting term.