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Year 1

As we embark on the exciting journey of the summer term in Year 1, your children will delve into a diverse and engaging curriculum designed to spark their curiosity and foster a love for learning. Here's a glimpse of what they will be exploring across various subjects: In English, our young learners will be captivated by enchanting stories such as "The Last Wolf," "Chalk," and "Katie and the Sunflowers." Through these tales, they will enhance their reading comprehension, vocabulary, and storytelling skills. In maths get ready for some mathematical adventures! Your child will dive into the world of multiplication and division, explore telling time (o'clock and half past), and begin their journey into understanding fractions. In science we will be discovering the wonders of nature, our students will explore plants in depth, learning about their growth, parts, and importance in our ecosystem. In RE, we will delve into the significance of special places of worship such as churches, mosques, and synagogues, fostering an understanding and respect for different faiths and beliefs. In transporting back in time, our young historians will learn about the remarkable Mary Anning and the fascinating world of palaeontology. Art will be inspired by the works of Van Gogh, our budding artists will explore creativity through art, culminating in crafting their own vase from clay.  In PE indoor dance sessions to outdoor physical skills activities, your child will develop coordination, strength, and teamwork through engaging PE lessons. We are thrilled to embark on this educational journey with your child this summer term. Together, we will nurture their curiosity, creativity, and academic growth.